OSU rulemaking hearings set Feb. 7


CORVALLIS - Oregon State University will hold several rulemaking hearings on Thursday, Feb. 7 beginning at noon.

The university will consider prohibiting certain items into athletic facilities, including ice chests, backpacks, signs on sticks or poles and picnic baskets. The amendments were adopted as a temporary rule on Sept. 28 and are now being considered as permanent amendments.

A second hearing will clarify that the Student Conduct Coordinator, as well as the academic department, may respond to incidents of academic dishonesty. In addition, if there is a record of a previous incident of academic dishonesty, the Student Conduct Coordinator will send written notice for a Student Conduct Committee hearing.

A third hearing will address changes in the faculty grievance process. Under the rule, the president of the university will make the final appeals decision rather than the State Board of Higher Education. If the grievance is directed at the president, the grievant may appeal to the chancellor of the Oregon University System. The rules were adopted as a temporary rule on September 28.

The final hearing pertains to the rules concerning the appeal of exclusion notices and the adjudicative process for non-contested cases. All hearings will be held in Memorial Union Room 213.