OSU to open campus nightclub


CORVALLIS - Oregon State University will host the grand opening of "Escape," a student-oriented nightclub, on Oct. 3-5.

Escape is planned as a non-alcohol entertainment spot made possible with donations from the campus community. The club is being developed as part of a renovation of the Memorial Union East International Forum.

In surveys, OSU students have indicated they have few alternatives for entertainment and social gathering spots on campus or in the community - especially alcohol-free locations, said Jason Rodriquez, an OSU student who is working on the plan.

To respond to student wishes for a safe, on-campus resource for socializing, campuses across the nation are beginning to develop clubs and entertainment spots, he said. Escape has been an ongoing project involving various people from the OSU community. The goal of OSU Memorial Union staff and student leadership is that the campus provide an exciting, appropriate facility and program for activities, he said, adding that student involvement from conception through implementation of the plan has been critical to project.

Escape will feature state-of-the-art professional sound along with lighting effects. A new dance floor, stage, murals, student-designed interior, and food and beverage station will enhance the club. Live performances as well as DJ events will be featured, but the club will also provide a place for daytime special events. Admission will be $3 for students, faculty and staff, and $5 for guests.

"This sounds very cool," said Sean Raven, an OSU senior in political science. "I think it would improve the quality of campus and provide events that are entertaining." Cheryl-Lynn Salamanca, a graduate student in music, said, "It's about time. This is just what the university needs."

Nightclub hours will be 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, Rodriquez said. For more information, contact Rodriquez via e-mail at Jason.Rodriquez@mu.orst.edu or visit OSU's Memorial Union Room 108.