OSU joins consortium of research libraries


CORVALLIS - The Valley Library at Oregon State University has joined a consortium of research libraries that will provide students and faculty broader access to learning resources while enlarging the arena for negotiating price agreements for electronic information.

The Big 12 Plus Libraries Consortium includes 30 research libraries located in 15 states ranging from Illinois to the West Coast. Twenty-three of its member libraries also belong to the Association of Research Libraries.

"This will certainly add to our national reputation," said Karyle Butcher, OSU's university librarian and deputy vice provost for Information Services. "Joining the consortium gives us an opportunity to pilot test new ideas as well as participate in data gathering studies aimed at increasing efficiencies within the library and ultimately improving the service we provide to our faculty and students."

OSU joins the University of Washington, Washington State University, Arizona State University, the University of Arizona, the University of Southern California and the University of Oregon as the newest members of the consortium.

"We are delighted to welcome these institutions into the Big 12 Plus Libraries Consortium," said Dale Cluff, dean of libraries at Texas Tech University and current chair of the Big 12 Plus. "The breadth and depth of collections and expertise found in these libraries, combined with those of existing members, position the BTP to make significant contributions to the greater library and scholarly communication effort. I anticipate that local students and faculty, as well as scholars and policy makers throughout the nation, will feel the influence of this group of libraries on research, knowledge creation, and information policy for years to come."

The organization's current strategic plan includes programs in resource sharing, scholarly communication, and continuing education.

Butcher said joining the consortium is a significant event for The Valley Library.

"It broadens our playing field," she said. "Hopefully we can work better pricing arrangements on database purchases and it will give our library a greater opportunity to be involved in broad-based consortial practices."