Transfer opportunities still exist for students


CORVALLIS - The school year is almost up, and sure, you thought about transferring from a community college to a four-year school but never really made a decision, and now it's too late, right?


While priority registration deadlines are long past at most schools, many students are surprised to learn that some schools will work to find space for fall term, or even summer, if a student wants to get a jump on their education.

For example, at Oregon State University, the priority deadline for transfer student admission to summer or fall term was May 1. But educators realize that some students just miss the deadlines. The key is to contact your community college counselor and the universities or colleges you are considering and ask for help.

To contact the OSU Office of Admission and Orientation, call 800-291-4192 or 541-737-4411.

Even some of the admission requirements such as grade point averages and subject requirements can be flexible. At OSU, students can petition for admission by exception if they believe they don't meet standard admission requirements.