Minority scholarships available


CORVALLIS - Two minority student scholarships are available through the Oregon State University Foundation.

Deadline for the Minority Business Student Association Scholarship is May 14 and the deadline for the Procter and Gamble Ethnic-Racial Minority Student Scholarship is May 15. For information or applications contact Elona Bell at 541-737-1677.

Procter and Gamble scholarships are established to honor undergraduate students who demonstrate strong capabilities in academics and leadership at OSU, as well as an interest in entering a business-related career after receiving a baccalaureate degree. The Minority Business Student Association serves as a support group for minorities in the College of Business. The group works to give minorities a network for employment opportunities, academic support, and build job finding skills.

The OSU Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that provides a charitable agency separate from, but working in close coordination with, the university. The foundation receives gifts of cash, securities, real and personal property, and deferred gifts such as bequests, life insurance, and life income agreements, to support the university's programs.