OSU has publication on endangered salmon issue


CORVALLIS - The Oregon State University Extension Service has a publication that may help Oregonians understand historical factors that led to Tuesday's federal listing of nine runs of salmon and steelhead under the Endangered Species Act.

The 24-page non-technical publication, "A Snapshot of Salmon in Oregon," presents many points of view to give citizens a broad picture of the salmon issue, with its biological, economic and social sides.

The publication is broken into three sections with articles that provide background information about Oregon's various kinds of salmon, examine human activities and natural forces that affect them, and highlight restoration efforts.

Copies of "A Snapshot of Salmon in Oregon," publication EM 8722, are available at no charge by calling 1-800-561-6719 or writing: Publication Orders, Extension and Station Communications, OSU, 422 Kerr Administration, Corvallis, OR 97331-2119.

You can find an electronic version on the worldwide web at: eesc.orst.edu/salmon/