Summer interns to study biology


CORVALLIS - A new internship program to improve biology education will provide 18 undergraduate students a summer of intensive scientific research at Oregon State University.

The students will earn more than $3,000 while working directly with OSU faculty mentors in research projects in microbiology, biochemistry, entomology, botany and other fields.

The program is one part of efforts to improve undergraduate education in biology at OSU, supported by a $1.8 million, four-year grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Most of the summer interns are OSU students, although the program also attracted students from several other universities across the nation.

"OSU has long recognized the unique educational value of an individual research experience," said Christopher Mathews, distinguished professor and chair of the OSU Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. "The Howard Hughes grant substantially increases the number of students who are able to participate in an intense, full-time research experience over a several month period, engaging in frequent contact with other students and with a faculty mentor."

Participating students include:



  • BLACHLY: Jill Mooney, a junior in biochemistry and biophysics


  • CORVALLIS: Laura M. Anderson, a junior in the University Honors College; Sarah F. Andrews, a junior in microbiology; Laurel Ann Hall, a junior in the University Honors College, microbiology and premedicine


  • CENTRAL POINT: Kathrin Dunlap, a junior in biology


  • GASTON: Darcy Ann Myers, a freshman in pre-biological engineering


  • GRESHAM: Suzanne C. McKenzie Miller, a post-baccalaureate student in microbiology


  • JACKSONVILLE: Derek Rains, a junior in chemistry


  • LEBANON: Kathleen Harding, a junior in entomology and biology


  • MONMOUTH: Tyler Creelan, a freshman in biochemistry-biophysics and premedicine; Keith E. Nylin, a junior in biochemistry and biophysics


  • NORTH BEND: Kristopher Spinning, a senior in mechanical engineering and microbiology


  • REDMOND: David Tretheway, Jr. , a junior in microbiology



  • GLENDALE: Timothy Nam, a junior in biology



  • ENGLEWOOD: Lara Marie Colton, a sophomore from the University of Colorado at Boulder



  • RENO: Cara Taormina, a senior in microbiology



  • NORMAN: Alicia Smith, a senior in biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma



  • STURGEON BAY: Jennifer K. Antonissen, a junior from St. Norbert's College