Door-to-door magazine sales not affiliated with OSU


CORVALLIS - Mid-valley residents should be aware that Oregon State University is not involved in door-to-door magazine sales in the area.

The OSU College of Liberal Arts received calls this week inquiring about a door-to-door magazine salesman claiming to be affiliated with the university. The Corvallis Police Department received similar calls.

"In no way is the university affiliated with this," said Kevin McCann, director of community and government relations at the university. "Residents should be very careful about ordering magazines from a salesman who claims to be affiliated with Oregon State."

McCann said the individual claims to be taking a communications class at OSU and tells residents that as part of the class the professor asks students to go door-to-door and talk with people to help sharpen their communication skills. Only later does he say that he is selling magazines to earn points for a trip to Paris, France.