Free booklet promotes "green boating" for clean water


CORVALLIS - Boating season is just around the corner, and Oregon Sea Grant and the Oregon State Marine Board have a free booklet to help the state's boaters do their part to help keep Oregon waters clean.

"Protecting Oregon Waters: Practical Solutions for Boaters" offers tips to help recreational boaters reduce their use of hazardous and polluting materials, and comply with state and federal clean vessel laws.

The 16-page, illustrated booklet includes information on:


  • Complying with federal and state clean water laws
  • Preventing oil and fuel spills
  • Recycling and waste disposal
  • Non-toxic alternatives to boat maintenance and cleaning products
  • Avoiding noise and air pollution
  • Protecting wildlife
  • How to use a sanitary pumpout, with a foldout map of Oregon pumpout and dump stations.

The booklet was produced jointly by the Oregon State Marine Board and Oregon Sea Grant, an Oregon State University-based marine research, outreach and education program.

Copies of "Protecting Oregon Waters: Practical solutions for Boaters," publication No. ORESU-G-96-001, are available, free of charge, from Oregon Sea Grant Communications, 402 Kerr Administration Building, Oregon State University, Corvallis OR 97331, o r may be ordered on-line.