OSU faculty selected for bioethics institute


CORVALLIS - Eighteen OSU faculty have been selected to participate in a week-long bioethics institute during August to discuss ways of integrating ethics in science classes.

OSU participants include: Michelle Bothwell, bioresource engineering; Philip Brownell, zoology; Brad Cardinal, exercise and sport science; Jean Hall, veterinary medicine; Joseph McGuire, bioresource engineering; Michael Mix, biology; Jill Parker, veterinary medicine; Bruce Rettig, agricultural and resource economics; Paul Roberts, zoology; Annette Rossignol, public health; Philippe Rossignol, entomology; Carl Schreck, fisheries and wildlife; Barbara Smith, lab animal resources; Lloyd Swanson, animal sciences; Karen Timm, veterinary medicine; Ray William, OSU Extension; Terry Wood, exercise and sport science; and Joan Woolfrey, philosophy.

The OSU faculty will be joined by 12-15 faculty recruited from other institutions across the U.S.

The institute is sponsored by a two-year, $110,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, and is supported by several OSU programs. It is one of three that the NSF will fund on bioethics during 1998-99, according to Courtney Campbell, director of OSU's Program for Ethics, Science and the Environment.

"What we hope to do is begin training science faculty how to integrate the teaching of ethics throughout the curriculum," Campbell said.

Among the topics planned: ethical issues surrounding biotechnology, the renewed interest in land ethics and natural resources, treatment of animals, and the role of religion.

The institute will run from Aug. 1-6 at OSU.