New publication on biosolids available from OSU Extension


CORVALLIS - The Oregon State University Extension Service has published a new, 12-page report that focuses on how biosolids can be used to supply nutrients to crops. Biosolids contain nutrient-rich organic materials that can be beneficial for crops, soil, and livestock productivity, according to Dan Sullivan, soil scientist with the Oregon State University Extension Service and author of the report.

Topics covered in the report, "Fertilizing with Biosolids," include: the nutrient content of biosolids, techniques for converting nitrogen availability to application rates, effects of biosolids on pH and soil quality, heavy metals, crop yield and quality, forage quality, site approval for biosolids application and frequently asked questions about biosolids.

"Fertilizing with Biosolids," publication PNW 508, is available by mail for $2 per copy. Send your request and a check or money order payable to OSU to: Publication Orders, Extension and Station Communications, OSU, 422 Kerr Administration, Corvallis, OR 97331-2119.

The report will be available on the World Wide Web after June 20 on the OSU Extension and Station Communications website. Open eesc.orst.edu choose "Educational Materials," then "Agriculture." You will find PNW 508 under "Soil and Water."