OSU political science prof receives Fulbright


CORVALLIS - Richard L. Clinton, a professor of political science at Oregon State University, has been awarded a Fulbright grant to lecture and conduct research in Peru.

Clinton will spend five months in Peru beginning this September studying people's knowledge and attitudes on population growth.

He first conducted research on population issues in Peru in 1961 under the auspices of the Fulbright program, then replicated his study in 1982-83 as a Senior Fulbright Scholar. His 1997 grant will enable Clinton to compare the changes in attitudes among the people over 36 years.

"There is a sense in Latin America among the people that the continent is underpopulated - a feeling that dates back to contact with European explorers," Clinton said. "But in Peru, more than half of the population today lives in poverty.

"The elites - the opinion leaders - understand the problems," he added, "but they don't want to take the steps that need to be taken to address them."

Clinton will spend most of the five months in Lima.

Since his first visit in 1961, Peru's population has grown from about one million people to about eight million, Clinton said. His 1982-83 study resulted in a book, "Poblacion y Desarrollo en el Peru" ("Population and Development in Peru").

He has been on the OSU faculty since 1976.