OSU ranks 21st among U.S. institutions for Peace Corps volunteers


CORVALLIS - Oregon State University ranks 21st among all American colleges and universities in the United States in producing Peace Corps volunteers, according to a new survey by the organization.

Since the Peace Corps began 36 years ago, 946 OSU alumni have joined.

In a letter to OSU President Paul Risser, Peace Corps director Mark Gearan wrote: "Throughout its history, the Peace Corps can trace much of its success to the energy and idealism of American college students. These colleges and universities are to be commended for producing students committed to making a difference, with a thirst for adventure, and with the desire to experience a new culture in an ever-changing world."

The University of California-Berkeley leads the list, producing 2,960 Peace Corps volunteers, followed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2,237; the University of Washington, 1,990; Harvard University, 1,966; and the University of Michigan, 1,821.

The University of Michigan was the site of President John F. Kennedy's first speech announcing the formation of the Peace Corps and seeking volunteers.

The University of Oregon ranks 13th in the survey.

OSU was honored last year by the Peace Corps in a special ceremony recognizing the long-standing collaboration between the two organizations, according to Rebecca Sanderson, acting director of the university's Office of Career Services.

"There is a lot of interest in the Peace Corps on campus and a lot of former Peace Corps people live in the Corvallis area," Sanderson said.

Information on the Peace Corps is available by calling Kris McElwee at 737-4085, or stopping by OSU's Office of Career Services, in the lower level of Kerr Administration Building.