of the American Dental Association.

But Oregon State University student Ryan Allowitz won't be one of them. Allowitz, a 1990 graduate of Gervais Union High School, has earned one of five full dental school scholarships provided by the U.S. Army.

The scholarship will cover all of Allowitz's tuition at Oregon Health Sciences University following graduation from OSU. Books and most other fees are also covered, and he'll receive $865 a month for expenses for the school year. For 90 days each year, Allowitz will be assigned to a military medical facility for training and will receive full second lieutenant's pay.

"The financial assistance is certainly a big thing," Allowitz said, "but I see other great advantages to this program. Coming out of dental school, I will get lots of experience right away working at an Army dental facility."

"Starting out as a military dentist, you have many trained specialists and generalists as mentors," Ten Pas said. "You see the full spectrum of dental needs, the facilities are usually excellent and you have a good support staff."

While the Army offers only five four-year dental scholarships, they also offer 45 partial scholarships and 290 medical school scholarships. Cash is also available for veterinarians, optometrists and doctoral clinical psychology candidates.

OSU is one of 33 colleges and universities in the nation offering education in branches of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. For information, contact the university at 541-737-0123.