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A "Food Hero" program integrates children into the actual testing and approval of different, healthy recipes, and is helping improve childhood nutrition.

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Sockeye salmon that evolved in the generally colder waters of the far north still know how to cool off if necessary, an important factor in the species’ potential for dealing with global climate change.

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A school-based intervention that promotes warm and caring interactions between a teacher and child can reduce the child’s stress in the classroom, a new study has found.


Parenting education can improve the skills of every mom and dad and the behavior of all children, and it particularly benefits families from low-income or otherwise underserved populations.

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Breast cancer patients in one of the United States’ largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority groups are likely to experience numerous gaps in care following their primary treatment.


Increased physical activity for group home residents and the huge health care savings that could come with it hinge on people who run the homes making health-promoting behaviors a priority.



University Day

OSU employees will be welcomed back Sept. 19, 2016 with this annual celebration.  More information