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Scientists from OSU are studying a fish captured in a crab pot 

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Antidepressant drugs used to treat anxiety disorders may not work as well as published studies would have you believe, raising questions about the process used to inform doctors.

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A new study further outlines the linkage between Alzheimer's disease, neurological damage and disruption of circadian rhythms.

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Fish living up to one mile deep off the coast of Spain appear to have pathologies linked to pollution, reflecting general ocean conditions.

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The discovery of a group of snail genes that can provide resistance to schistosomiasis offers new ways to help address this global pandemic.

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New support to study the risks of artificial intelligence is welcome, but it may not find the problems that Hollywood envisions.


Empty Bowls

The OSU Department of Anthropology and OSU Athletics is presenting "Empty Bowls" the ninth annual benefit event promoting sustainable food systems and fighting food insecurity.  It takes place March 14, 6-8 p.m., and includes silent auction, homemade food, art and music. Doors at OSU Valley Football Center open at 5:30 p.m. Tickets at the door or in Waldo 238, $5 to $20, sliding scale. Kids under 5 free.