Old-growth forests may provide buffer against rising temperatures header image

The soaring canopy and dense understory of an old-growth forest could provide a buffer for plants and animals in a warming world

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OSU News Release

Preliminary checks have not identified any OSU students, faculty or staff who were injured in the shooting incident July 22 that left at least six people dead in Munich, Germany.

OSU News Release

A collection of more than 1,000 rare maps depicting various regions of the globe from antiquity to the 20th century is now available 

OSU News Release

OSU is increasing its efforts to make college more affordable for its students, particularly through the use of free, open access, online textbooks and other materials.

OSU News Release

A 2015 Oregon State University study that linked natural-gas fracking to increased air pollution and heightened health risks has been corrected by its authors.

OSU News Release

OSU is beginning a new three year, $515,000 initiative to help improve the learning and knowledge retention of college students, especially in highly complex math and science.


2016 Commencement

OSU will host the 147th commencement ceremony on June 11. More information