IMC Network

Ning WebsiteAll OSU communicators are invited to join the IMC Network, a private, Web-based forum for integrated marketing and communications. Marketers, writers, designers, administrators and communicators across campus can use the IMC Network as a resource to share ideas, receive updates, gather feedback and participate in the IMC process.

The IMC Network is built on Ning, a social networking site similar to Facebook, but with added privacy. It is our hope that you will take over the reigns of the IMC Network and shape it into a tool that will help you work more effectively and with closer alignment to the IMC process. You will also be able to tap into the wealth of communications talent that exists across our university.

The IMC Network will replace the Campus Communicators mailing list as the primary way for University Advancement to reach out to communications colleagues across the university. If you have any questions about the changes in organization, please contact Melody Oldfield. If you have questions about the IMC Network site, or if you'd like to be invited to join, contact David Baker at