OSU Distinguished Professors

Oregon State University recognizes as Distinguished Professors individuals who have achieved national/international stature as a result of their contributions to scholarship/creative activity, research, education and service, and whose work has been notably influential in their fields of specialization.

2014 Distinguished Professors

Marie Harvey  -  "It Takes Two to Tango: Unintended Pregnancy and STI Prevention"

Harvey is widely known for her pioneering work in reproductive and sexual health, shifting the research from an exclusive focus on women to one that examines the relationship dynamics of couples as it applies to both pregnancy and disease prevention. That shift, along with Harvey's work in diversity and equity, promoted the American Public Health Association to present her with its Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Harvey has been a faculty member at OSU since 2003 and associate dean of the college since 2011. Her title is Distinguished Professor of Public Health.

William Ripple  -  ‚ÄúConservation by Tooth and Claw: Top Pedators Shape Ecosystems‚ÄĚ

Ripple began his career studying old-growth forests and spotted owls and evolved his research to look at the impact of predators. his work led to a new field called "trophic cascades" - or how large predators exert powerful influences on ecosystem structure and function. Examples include the influence of wolves in Yellowstone Park on everything from the composition of hardwood forests to streamside erosion. 

His prominence as an ecologist has led to consulting efforts with the National Academy of Sciences, The White House, President Clinton's Forest Summit, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and others. Ripple will be Distinguished Professor of Ecology.


Distinguished Professors in Alphabetical Order

Alan Acock, Human Development & Family Science

Dan Arp, University Honors College

James Ayres, Pharmacy

George Bailey, Environmental & Molecular Toxicology

Joseph Beckman, Environmental Health Sciences

Luiz Bermudez, Veterinary Medicine

Andrew Blaustein, Environmental Sciences

Larry Boersma, Crop and Soil Science

Marcus Borg, Religious Studies

Arthur Boucot, Zoology

James Carrington, Ag Botany & Plant Pathology

Dudley Chelton, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences

Tracy Daugherty, English

Thomas Dietterich, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Stephen Giovanni, Microbiology

Paul Farber, History

Balz  Frei, Linus Pauling Institute

John Fryer, Microbiology

Marie Harvey, College of Public Health and Human Sciences

K. Norman Johnson, Forest Resources

Douglas Keszler, Chemistry

Jo-Ann Leong, Microbiology

Jane Lubchenco, Zoology

Christopher Mathews, Biochemistry/Biophysics

Jeffrey A. McCubbin, Nutrition and Exercise Science

Jeffrey J.  McDonnell, Forest Eng Resources & Mgmt

Bruce Menge, Zoology

Kathleen Dean Moore, Philosophy

Frank Moore, Zoology

Jeffrey J.  Morrell, Wood Science and Technology

Michael Oriard, English

Donald Reed, Biochemistry & Biophysics

Bill Ripple, Forest Ecosystems and Society

William Robbins, History

David Robinson, English Department

William Sandine, Microbiology

Henry Sayre, Art

Lewis Semprini, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

John Sessions, Forest Eng Resources & Mgmt

Arthur Sleight, Chemistry

Fred Stormshak, Animal Sciences

Steve Strauss, Forest Ecosystems & Society

Robert Tanguay, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

T. Darrah Thomas, Chemistry

Kensal Edward Van Holde, Biochemistry/Biophysics

Richard Waring, Forest Science

Patricia Wheeler, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences

James White, Chemistry

Ronald Wrolstad, Food Science and Technology