Three Week Event Planning Check List

Learn about creating your own personalized check list by reviewing how to create a backwards timeline.

Three weeks out from your event is a good time to check to see how your planning is coming along. The following is a checklist to make sure your organizers are on track to planning a successful event.

  • Room/Equipment:
  • ___Room set up arranged
  • ___Equipment rented
  • ___Rental payment to facility
  • ___Kitchen rental payment to facility
  • ___Prepared "special guests" list to facility
  • Publicity:
  • ___Poster, fliers, table tents printed
  • ___Payment to printing
  • ___Information/Press release to University Marketing, Student Media, Student Involvement
  • ___Barometer advertising arranged
  • Program:
  • ___Personal Service Contracts signed
  • ___Script for program developed
  • ___Rehearsal time reserved and scheduled
  • ___Sound and light staff scheduled and confirmed
  • Tickets:
  • ___Printed
  • ___Accounting sheets available
  • ___Invitations mailed to guests
  • ___Sales and distribution scheduled
  • Decorations:
  • ___Materials purchased
  • ___Preparations scheduled
  • ___Set-up scheduled
  • Set-up/Clean-up:
  • ___Committees established
  • ___Times clearly stated

Day of the Event List

The day of the event is often chaotic. We have created a list of tasks to help you organize and keep track of your progress throughout the event day.

Early A.M.

  • Check in with facilities Supervisor/Manager
  • Discuss the day's itinerary and all changes
    • Walk through the area together.
      • Note:
      • Set-up of room/facility
      • Is all rented equipment accounted for?
      • Are adequate trash cans available?
      • Is there equipment for decoration? (Ladder, tape)
      • Is there a coat rack?
      • Confirm schedule of door control and security
      • Discuss the events layout from beginning to end
      • Who will be supervising the clean up of the event?
      • Give and receive contact information
    • Meet with chairs of committees
      • Identify areas of concern
      • Map out the day
      • Remind people of duties and expectations
      • Clarify questions
      • Give and receive contact information

Mid Day

  • Event Coordinator should check with all committee chairs
    • Note progress
    • Check schedule
    • Solve problems
  • Check in with food committee or caterer to make sure they are on schedule and are not having any problems


One hour before Event

  • Pick up cash box for ticket sales if needed
  • Set up ticket sales and nametag tables
  • Secure all entrances
  • Confirm arrival of entertainment
  • Set lighting and sound
  • Check in with committee chairs
  • Troubleshoot


End of the Event

  • Clear everyone except for the clean-up volunteers
  • Contact Building Supervisor for instruction on clean-up
  • Remove and store all tables and chairs
  • Remove all decorations
  • Empty trash and sweep floors
  • Count tickets received at entry
  • Count cash box, and deposit money
  • Reconcile ticket sales with dollars deposited
  • Return all rented equipment