What to do now that the event is over

When hosting an event, developing a plan will allow you to move forward in an organized fashion and create an environment for success.


There are six steps to developing Event Plan:

1. Organization and Community Assessment
2. Goal Setting
3. Planning
4. Implementation
5. Post Event Assessment
6. Administrative Decision Making


Step 6: Administrative Decision Making

Future plans- After examining all the information compiled in the post assessment step decide on one of three actions for the future: modification, abandonment, or continuation.

If you are committed to contining the program, support the next team of event planners by securing a possible location for the next event. All OSU event venues can be reserved one year in advance of the event date.

Create a document to pass on to the next coordinator or to jog your memory for the next time you produce this event. Do this before too much time passes so you can note details and suggestions for improvement.