2013 Participants and Award Recognized Projects

The following students showcased their work at the 2013 Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence event.  Award recipients are noted.

College of Agricultural Sciences

Ann Bernert (also with University Honors College)- Evaluating pesticide sensitivity of the honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) microbiome

*second place* Elise Cowley (also with College of Science) - Discovery and Characterization of Novel Cytotoxic Cyanobacterial Natural Products

Sada Egenriether (also with College of Engineering) - Older but Wiser: Accelerated Food Search Behavior in Aging Drosophila

Alejandra Márquez Loza (also with University Honors College) -Ibuprofen enhances working memory in aged mice, but reduces mRNA expression of N-Methyl D-Aspartate receptor subunits in frontal cortex across ages


Andrea Methven and Maria Nguyen - Alpha-Tocopherol Improves Antioxidant Status and Cisplatin Anti-Tumor Efficacy in a Rat Model of Ovarian Cancer

*honorable mention* Erin Peterson - Biogeography of the speckled dace (Rhinichthys osculus) in Oregon

*second place* Nicole Rinaldi - The Effect of Intracellular Zinc Concentration on Immune Activation and Proinflammatory Response in THP-1 Monocytes

Kimberly Sarver - Building a Better Mousetrap - Creating Isogenic Cell Cultures for Functional Studies of DNA Mismatch Repair

Ceely Will - Correlation between white mold and plant architecture in green beans

Matthew Yasui - Zebrafish 2013: A Scientific Odyssey


College of Business

*First place* Aimee Corliss - From Rural Youth to Global Citizen: A Qualitative Life Course Study of Youth International Exchange Program Participants

*second place* Erin Hatley, Melisa Magnuson, Ariana Giesbrecht, Bailey Phillpott, Olivia Echols, Walter Blince, Chandra Magnuson, Katie Keister and Amy Liu  - Teaching creativity, research and business acumen through fashion + lifestyle publication: DAMchic Magazine

*honorable mention* Jamie Cheung (also with University Honors College) - Cheung's Symphony No. 4 in F Minor: A Process of Design

Lyndsay Toll - BuyBott.com

College of Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Science

*First place* Trevor Waldien - Shear development and tectonic overprinting in a back-arc basin, Klamath Falls, Oregon


College of Engineering

Kayla Al-Khaledy, Vanessa Kung- The Use of Contact Angle Analysis to Examine the Degradation of Polymer Surfaces After Long Term Exposure to Hydrogen Peroxide in Pharmaceutical Isolators

Jakson Clark, Jade Montgomery and Ryan Squires - Molecular Origins of Surfactant Stabilization of a Human Recombinant Factor VIII

*honorable mention* Colin Dickens - Synthesis and High Temperature Thermoelectric Characterization of YCo1-xRhxO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1)

*First place (tie)* Nathan Hinkle - Studying public perceptions of energy sources, uses, and technology for the development of educational materials

Amy Jahr (also with University Honors College) - Sonication of Silver Nanoparticles: Effects on Particle Size and Toxicity

Branden Kusanto - Directional migration and cytoskeletal organization in human neutrophils

Joseph Long - Growth and Biofilm Creation of Titanium Induced, Silicon Starved Pinnularia sp. Diatoms

*First place (tie)* Jade Montgomery - Embedding Adaptive Engineering Mechanisms into a Coupled Tendon Transfer Surgery for High Median-Ulnar Nerve Palsy: A Simulation Study with OpenSim

Steven Reid, Ryan Kalb and Patrick Simonson  - MetroSwift

Christine Turner - The Possible Role of Manganese(II) Oxidation by Pseudomonas  putida GB-1 in Lignin Degradation


College of Liberal Arts

Ameer Almuaybid - Dare to Stare? Compensation for Comfort in Body Language

Andreea Barbu, Shivangi Agrawal and Thanh Nguyen - The Social Side of Moebius: A Focus Group Study of Teenagers with Moebius Syndrome

*honorable mention* Alison Burros - Memory and Emotional Faces

Greg Erickson and Daniel Blatt  - We Can’t Compare Apples to Oranges:  Diagnostic Testing Methods for Autism and Alexithymia Are Ineffective

Mariah Estill (also with College of Science), Cassie Colton and Nick Davis  - A Study of the Availability of Disability Courses within the Top U.S. Undergraduate Psychology Programs

Sara Fassio (also with College of Science) - Characterization of the Sodium-Translocating NADH-Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (NQR) on Vibrio cholerae Metabolism and Virulence Gene Regulation

Joseph Gill-Jackson - Gang Membership and Juvenile Criminality

Kayla Harr - “The Ivory Men Make Company Between Us”: Rethinking Subject and Object Relations in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot

Elliott Jardin - Does Intended Grasping Action Determine the Direction of Our Visual Attention? Insights from Event-Related Brain Potentials

Molly Jones - “To make you see”: Narrating identity, gender, and empire in The Good Soldier and Heart of Darkness

Katy Krieger and Shelley Devens - Get Out of My Face!: Facial Width and Type A Behavior

Hannah Mahoney - A Global Affair: Understanding 1960s Geopolitics Through the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair

Nicole Martin and Austin Hanlon  - R34D1ING W0RD5 W1TH NUMB3R5 – Electrophysiological Evidence that Semantic Activation Occurs

Steven McLain - "L’Amérique Latine: French Imperialism in Mexico, 1861-1867."

Jamie Naylor and Sarah Schuck  - Effects of Switching Search Strategy on Top-Down Attentional Control

*First place (tie)* Stacy Sim - Intelligence is an illusion: Evaluating the accuracy of intelligence assessments in social situations

*First place (tie)* Laura Tanner - “My Whole World”: Teen Moms Navigating Identity and Social Discourse"

Adelyn Vigran - Climate Change & US Inaction: A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy Determinants

Angelique Zojonc - Immigration and Crime:  Is Public Opinion Pragmatic?


College of Public Health and Human Sciences

*First place* Chelsea Black - Sulforaphane Decreases EZH2 Protein Expression in PC3 Prostate Cancer Cells

Marlene Cervantes - Healthy Living Project

*honorable mention* Mackenzie Curren - The effects of task and sex as factors on ACL biomechanics

Andrew Derringer - Does Caffeine Intake Impact Menstrual Function? Assessment of Caffeine Intake in Active Women with and Without Exercise Induced Menstrual Dysfunction (ExMD).

Rebecca Flynn - Tech-I/O B.E.S.T. Project

Elizabeth Gardner - Cardiovascular Effects of Dietary Nitrate and Nitrite in Health and Disease

Elisa Gooding - Single Parent versus Married Parents and Child Self-Regulation

Daniel Gray - What Shape Is the Door Handle? Correspondence Effects are Modulated by Object

Alyssa Hersh - The role of champions in the adoption and implementation of Project RESPECT

Theron Lee - Examining the Effectiveness of the Physical Activity Health Education Program for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (HEMS) Project

*honorable mention* Cody Manriquez - Risky Behavior: Perceived Risk of Infectious Disease in Youth Entering Alcohol/Drug Treatment

Samantha Milholland - Relationship Between Children's Fine and Gross Motor Skills and Their Early Self-Regulation

Mai Anh Nguyen - Better Eating Starts Today (B.E.S.T.) Project

Yanet Nunez - Healthy Eating and Active Living - Mapping Attributes  Using ParticipatoryPhotographic Surveys: Building Leadership Capacity in the Latino Population

Olivia Paradis - Motor Skills and Young Children with Autism

Alexander Pearson - Physical Activity Health Education Program for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Rebecca Rau - Producing for the Future Cooking & Nutrition Program

*second place* Allison Riscoe - Sulforaphane Treatment Results In The Decreased Expression of Nuclear Transcription Factors In Prostate Cancer Cells

Adriana Sandoval - Improvement of Self-Efficacy, Attitude and Belief Systems of Undergraduates Working with Children with Disabilities

Becca Smith - Association between Health Status and Participation in a Diabetes Lifestyle Intervention

Schyler Sprague - Motor Skills in Young Children and Socioeconomic Status

Natalie Swanson - Measuring Static and Dynamic Balance: Examining the Relationship between time-to boundary and time-to-stabilization

Nicholas von Foerster - Biomechanics of Transfers Between a Wheelchair and Motor Vehicle

Katherine Yde - Cooperation and Achievement in Preschoolers

Marissa Yee (also with University Honors College) -The Association of Social Support and Self-efficacy to Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetes

Michaela Zucker and Lynn Zhang - Nitrate and nitrite content in the Japanese traditional diet


College of Science

Rachel Azevedo - Refinement of Absolute Quantification Mass Spectrometry to Detect and Monitor FMO levels in a Mouse Model of Tuberculosis

*First place (tie)* Justin Biel - Bent Out of Shape: Peptide Non-planarity Regained

*First place (tie)* Ana Brar (also with University Honors College) - Elucidation of DNA Damage Response Partners via UVB and IR in Arabidopsis thaliana

Justin Conner - The Effect of Carotenoid Supplementation On Disease Susceptibility in Amphibians

Deepthika Ennamuri (also with University Honors College) - Improved Antioxidant Status and Neurologic Outcomes Following Spinal Cord Injury in Rats

Mu Feng - Does the CEN-T-W-S-X tetramer link centromeres to kinetochores?

Jessica Flesher (also with University Honors College) - Is there a change in gene expression of apoptosis and autophagy genes in Aiptasia sp. after thermal stress?

Matthew Kaiser (also with University Honors College) - An Epigenetic Perspective on Pharmacologic Ascorbate in Colon Cancer

*honorable mention* Qiuying Liu (also with University Honors College) - Fighting the Global Cancer Burden: a Promising Molecular Based Cancer Therapy

Melodie Machovina - Engineering Bioorthogonal Reactions on Proteins in Live Cells

Afina Neunzert - Exploration of charge-transfer exciton formation in organic semiconductors through transient photoconductivity measurements

Callia Palioca (also with University Honors College) - The Crystal Structure of Mycoplasma pneumoniae Glycerol 3-Phosphate Oxidase, a Potential Drug Target for Combating Walking Pneumonia

Bo Park (also with University Honors College) - Characterization of a Novel Metalloprotease Secreted by the Type II Secretion System in Vibrio cholerae

Omar Rachdi, Casey Young - Rapid Microwave Synthesis & Characterization of "Orange", "Green", and "Blue" Pigments 

Minhazur Sarker (also with University Honors College) - Robustness of HSP70 Response Correlates with Species Longevity

Connie Shen and Kimberly Rodriquez - Factors that Modify and Control Bcl11b, a Tumor Suppressor Protein

Claire Skach - Comparing the depth of cure of various bulk-placement composites as assessed by hardness

Nini Tran - Development of a Quantitative Assay Amenable for High-Throughput Screening to Target the Type II Secretion System for New Treatments against Plant-Pathogenic Bacteria

William Valiant (also with University Honors College)- Obtaining whole chlamydial genome sequences using a culture-independent method

Jacob Weber - Evaluation of the Conserved Proteins in the Cell Envelope and Membrane Vesicles of Neisseria gonorrhoeae as Putative Therapeutic Candidates

River Wiedle (also with University Honors College) - Thermal conductivity measurements via the 3-omega method

Peter Wong - Transmission and Persistence of Ceratomyxa shasta

Justin Zhang - Amino Acids and mTOR Control the Fate of Live Engulfed Cells