2011 Participants and Award Recognized Projects

The following students showcased their work at the 2011 Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence event.  Award recipients are noted.

Watch videos with the 2011 award recipients!

College of Agricultural Sciences

*winner* AnnaRose Adams:  Response of Reef-Fish Habitat Specialists to Ramicrusta sp. Overgrowth of Fire Coral

Eva Arndt: Pesticide Use Practices and the Impact on Water Quality in Oregon Communities

Daniel Bratton: Development of a Sprayable Herbicide:  Enzyme-Mediated Conversion of Glucolimnanthin

Laura Magana: Quantifying IFN-y Production During Graft Versus Host Response Following Treatment with TCDD

Samuel Moore: Gaper Clam Reburial

Jeremiah Psiropoulos: (URISC) Sex-biased Parasitism Among Threespine Stickleback in Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Jared Streich: Transcriptomic Response of Brachypodium Distachyon to Different Light Qualities

James Thomas: IV Quality Assessment and Improvement in
Outpatient Surgery

Anneke Tucker: (URISC)Inhibition of Alpha-Amylase and Alpha-Glucosidase by Bioflavonoids: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies

Aurora VanGarde: (URISC) Telomere Binding Protein Antagonists for
Stem Cell Therapy


College of Health and Human Sciences

 Fatimah Alramadhan: ** Control of Hemoglobin A1c Level Using Physical Activity

 Yongsuk Choi** & Austin Coupe: Identifying Different Types of Fallers Through
Gait Analysis 

Kristina Farm:  High Intensity Interval Training: Impact on Fitness and Body Composition in Sedentary, Overweight, Premenopausal Women

Dana Finders & Rachelle Biegler: Nutritional Status and Lipid Profiles in Active
Women with and without Menstrual Dysfunction

*winner* Angelica Grizzle:  The Relationship Between Self-Regulation and Having Siblings

Ryan Haran:  Can whole-body vibration reduce peripheral neuropathic foot pain in adults with diabetes?

Alyssa Hersh: **  Translation of Evidence-Based HIV/STI Interventions into Practice

Tesia Ho:  Self-Regulation and Mindset

Salvador Jaime:  Investigating Health and Fitness in the Fire-Fighter Population

Erin Jones:  The Influence of Depression on Participation and Success in a Lifestyle Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes

Rita Krantz: Can whole body vibration reduce diabetic peripheral
neuropathis foot pain?

*winner* Natasha Luff & Eileen Pierce-Freeman: USDA’s Recipe for Healthy Kids Competition

Rebecca Rau & Jillian Grant:  Producing for the Future

Molly Skinner:  Improving Control through Activity and Nutrition: Impact on Medication Adherence

Kourtney Wilks:  Improving Control with Activity and Nutrition 

Ashley Wong & Jovan Duvall:  An Implication of Energy Density on Weight Loss

Sue Xiong: Quality Assessment & Improvement in Outpatient Surgery

College of Engineering

Shannon Cahill-Weisser: (URISC) Gel Electrophoresis as a Supplement to Dynamic
Light-Scattering in Molecular Characterization of Equine Synovial Fluid

Ryan Frederick, Aubrey Leung & Carrie Rebhuhn:  Optimal Repeater Placement for Several Population Densities and Interference Cases

Meghan Hemphill-Johnston & Stacy Kanaan: (URISC) Patterned Carbon Nanotube Growth: Using Direct Write Lithography and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

*winner* Samuel House, Sean Connell & Ian Milligan: Indoor Location and Activity Monitor

Madicken Munk: Production of Medical Isotope Molybdenum-99 in Oregon State TRIGA Reactor

Ishan Patel: Development of a Quantitative Ex Vivo Model of Thrombosis

Lisa Thompson: Managing Spotted Wing Drosophila in Fruits by Understanding Landscape Surroundings



 College of Liberal Arts

*winner* Casey Bergeron:  Biological Influence on the Face and Personality

Jordan Clark: (URISC) You had me at hello: An investigation of Self-Monitoring Skills and Impression Judgment Accuracy

Jessica Hansen:  Traumatic Brian Injury: Associated Psychological Consequences and Effectiveness of Therapies

Katy Krieger: True Face Shape and its Influence on the Perception
of Attractiveness

Natalie Oaks: Adding to the Ekphrastic Tradition: Anne Sexton’s Relationship with New Visual Arts

Kimberly Pendergrass:  Banksy: Social Activist or Opportunist?

Neebinnaukzhik Southall:  Then and Now: Asserting Anishinabek Identity through Indigenized Apparel

Robinson Taylor: On the Control of Spatial Attention: Is There Attentional-Bias Toward Threatening Objects?

Matthew Thomas: Reading Unattended Words: Does Competition for Word Processing Resources Enhance Attentional Selectivity in the Stroop Paradigm?

Audrey Wiltz:  No More Mindless Media: Today’s reality, Hope for Tomorrow


College of Forestry

Orion Peavy:  Metolius Permanent Plot: 1981-2006

*winner* Dustin Quandt:  (URISC)Quantification of Dissolved Organic Carbon Loss through Soil in Watershed 1 within HJ Andrews Experimental Research Forest

Jeff Traver & Daniel Way:  Characterization of Woody Biomass Fuels Prepared from Logging Slash



College of Science

Caitlin Crimp: (URISC) Gender-Dependent Modulation of Benzo[a]pyrene Metabolism and Oxidative Stress by Alpha-Tocopherol in Rats

Kelly Crotty:  (URISC) Lipoic Acid Induces Nrf2 Activation in an
mTOR-Dependent Manner

Kevin Dunn:  Transfection of HEK-293 Cells with a Mitochondrial-Targeted Ceramide Synthase 5 (LASS5) Gene

Jessica Gifford: (URISC) Gravitational Waves and LISA

*winner* Margaret-Rose Leung: (URISC)The Effect of Localized Oil Spills on the Atlantic Loggerhead Turtle Population Dynamics

*HHMI winner* Maria Nguyen: (URISC) Calpain 2 Proteolysis of Akt

Linda Nguyen: (URISC) The Effects of Green Tea Catechin EGCG on DNA Methylation and Foxp3 Gene Expression in Immune T Cells

Sita Ping: (URISC)Evolution of Mitochondrial Genome Architecture in Nematodes

Kera Tucker:  Oregon’s Violent Past: Rhyolitic Volcanism in the High Lava Plains

Anna Vigeland:  (URISC)UVB Radiation Affects the Quantity and Quality of the Pheromone of Red-sided Garter Snakes


** International Degree

URISC - Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity

Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity (URISC) is a Research Office program that supports Oregon State University (OSU) undergraduate research activities. The URISC program is intended to enable OSU undergraduate students to initiate a scholarly relationship with faculty early in their academic careers. Faculty mentors are expected to assume financial responsibility for student research activities if they continue beyond the initial URISC sponsorship.