2009 Participants

We are pleased to announce the students who will be showcasing thier work at the 2009 Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence event.


College of Agricultural Sciences


Malcolm Anderson : The Potential Roles of Moss on Green Roofs in the Pacific Northwest

Rebecca Bathke : Effects of Estrogen on Temporal Gene Expression Patterns of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) in Immortalized GT1-7 Cells Using a Secretable Luciferase Reporter

Margaret Corvi : An examination of pesticide mixture toxcity using embryonic zebrafish and passive sampling device extracts  

Todd Dalotto : Variation of phenolics in anthocyanin- and nonanthocyanin- fruit tomatoes

Karl Fairchild : A Comparison of Bird Communities in Volcanic Blast Zones at Two Latitudes

Peter Landman : Brewing Co-Op Brew Cart

Jay Malmo : Investigation of Microbial Extracts from Unique Ecosystems

Sarah Maxfield-Taylor : The Molecular Identification Of Grass Pests

Kristen McAlpine : Development of a New Value-Added Blueberry Product Using High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP) Technology

Melissa McKenney : Pollination by Native Bees and Honey Bees in Cranberry

Dawn Merrill : Development of a colorimetric test kit for the determination of pyruvic acid as an indicator of pungency in onions

Jessica Puccetti : Use of Artemisinin to Treat Mycoplasma haemolamae in Llamas

Michael Sandoval : Gemcitabine prodrug incorporated into nanoparticles has superior anti-tumor activity  

Ben Varley : Should Blind Chickens be used in Production

Tammy Winfield : Quantifying the value of native plants for increasing pollination and pest control

Priscilla Woolverton : Sustainable Research on Hydrophobic Soil


College of Business


Michael Luecker : Power10 Rowing- Introducing the Precision Rowing Oar

Monee Madrigale & Mark Power : Increasing Fruits and Vegetable Consumption Among Oregon Food Stamp Recipient Families

Aurora Sprott : OSU-Cascades Campus Sparrow Project


College of Engineering


Garrett Banton : Single Molecule Microscopy Software

Jordan Bernhardt , Jacob Ervin, Ning Guo, Jill Folkestad, Grant Morrison, Matthew Perkins, Gerhett Vom Stegg, Paul Strauser, Josh Christiansen, Jake Goebel & Jeff Lewis : OSU Timber Bridge: Black Team

Cynthia Edwards , Aaron Fifer & Andrew Nickerson : Bioreactor Production of Bone Matrix Proteins Using Osteoblasts Encapsulated in Gel Beads

Thomas Fitzgerald , Nathan Howell & Brian Maloney : Construction of Nanobiosensors  

Daniel Foland , Brent Hansen & Travis Walters : PCIe DDR2 Memory Card  

Jesse Grimes & Matt Chiasson : Engineering for Speed  

Kit Hoffman & Alex Neighbors : Rezwatt  

Florian Kapsenberg & Kate Shreeve : Low Reynolds Number Flight Control

Derek Manwill : Structural Engineering Projects

Loren Paulsen & Bryant Brownell : Cortex Core Financial Processor  

Robert Simpson : Portal: Explosion Case Mod


College of Forestry


Joseph Checketts : 1a. Whychus Creek Stream Temperature During Oncorhynchus mykiss Spawning, Rearing, and Migration 2005-2008, Deschutes Basin, Oregon 1b. Water Resources Planning Laboratory: OSU/UDWC Undergraduate Internship

Joshua Taggart : Life of a Sand Grain on the Oregon Coast


College of Health and Human Sciences


Meru Belbayev : Perception of and Satisfaction with Competitive Uniforms Among Female Student Athletes

Hayley Chetlain & Christy Anderson : The Warm Springs Higher Education Project  

Melanie Jackson : The Effects of Estrogen and Genistein on Bone in a Mouse Breast Cancer Model

Courtney Lovemark : Factors Contributing to the Development of Overweight and Obesity in Growing Boys and Girls

Kathryn McHenry : The Characterization of Oxytocin Receptors in Corpus Luteum Endothelial Cells

Leigh McLean : Socioeconomic Status as a Factor Affecting School Readiness  



College of Liberal Arts


Elise Abramson : The effect of fashion dolls on young girls' career perceptions

Eric Adamic : Processing Multiple Displays: Does Attention to One Display Prevent Attention Capture by Objects in the Other Display?

Khara Croswaite : Do Central Attention and Spatial Attention Operate Independently? Evidence from Electrophysiology

Kevin England : 3D animation demo reel

Tasha Galardi : Legacies of the Bracero Program: A Case Study of Family Mobility and Transnational Linkages in the Pacific North West

Nathan Herdener : Do stimuli capture attention because they are salient or because they match what you are looking for?

Scott Kouchi : Is Spatial Attention Needed for Visual Word Processing?

Samantha Pride : The Anti-Central American Free Trade Agreement Movement: Success or Defeat in San Jose, Costa Rica?

Kathleen Shaw : Assessing Automatic Emotion Perception Using Event-Related Brain Potentials

Amanda Tasker : The Lightest Weight

Aaron Thompson & Brian Mills : The role of inhibition in switching attentional settings


College of Sciences

Heather Brown & Amber Houck (Education) : Linus Pauling Crystalline Models

Alex Brummer : 3x3 Octonionic Hermitian Matrices with Non-Real Eigenvalues

Megan Cook : Interactions between the invasive Indo-Pacific lionfish (Pterois volitans) and native Bahamian coral-reef fishes

Jennifer Cunningham : The influence of database configuration on the derivation of trace element partitioning expressions for clinopyroxene

Lucian Farmer : Earth's little time capsule: Zircon dating techniques and sedimentary provenance

Lanaya Fitzgerald : Interactions Between Fish and Jellyfish: Predation vs Commensalism

Lauren Foiles : No laughing Matter: What Nitrous Oxide Says About Abrupt Climate Change

Natalya Goloviznina : Regulation of SQUAMOSA PROMOTER-BINDING PROTEIN LIKE13 by miR156 in Arabidopsis seedlings

Jeremy Henderson : Dwarf Japanese eelgrass; a prolific and persistent invader of Northwest estuaries

Ian Hilgart, Laura Beaver, Cheri Goodall, Karen Tonsfeldt, Morgan Arnold, Brianna Knight, Peter Bebas, Patrick Chappell & Jadwiga Giebultowicz: CIRCADIAN CLOCK: The mammalian prostate and prostate cancer cells

Jason Kniss : The Academic Programming Initiative: A novel outcomes based residential programming model for OSU students

Sue-Jie Koo : The fecundity rates of Rhopalosiphum padi on selected Oregon and Californian grasses

Aubrey Leung , Ryan Frederick (Engineering) & Jonathan Wong : Energy and the Cell Phone

Steven Ma : United Together "Isu Labasha" Workshops

Adam Martinez : Online Insect Taxonomy and Microplexity

Stacie Mosier : Efficacy of Topical formulation ST-246 in preventing poxviral disease in a murine model for immunodeficiency

Theresa Nguyen : Identification of upstream regulators of LeMAN2 endo-?-mannanase in tomato seeds

Anthony Novak : Svalbard glacier excursions in the early Holocene?

Neha Patel : Alpha-tocopherol metabolism in mitochondria of rat liver

Erica Puopolo : Phage Genomics Research

Christine Schneider : Initial Characterization of the Light Intermediate Chain of Dynein

Tiffany Townsend & Emilie Goodling (Liberal Arts) : Our Trip to Israel and Palestine

Kiya Wilson : Using an Array of NE Pacific Sediment Samples to Link Land and Ocean Responses to Glacial-Interglacial Climate Change

Daniel Zollinger: Measuring metal status of ALS linked SOD1 mutants using ESI-MS