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Follow-Up to Conversational Skills: You don't have to go it alone...the essence of coaching


Coaching has gone mainstream. Executive coaching, life coaching, performance is everywhere. We've turned the corner from coaching only being associated with sports or poor performing employees. And, I think we can create even more possibility for you.

You do not need a formal coaching relationship. Here is what you do need.

  1. Access to expert advice when needed whether it is about purchasing a computer or knowing how to present to the Provost Council.
  2. Someone who can teach you how to set up deliberate practice in any discipline you are learning whether that is lifting weights or speaking effectively.
  3. A place to think out loud with a person who has been trained to listen and stay out of the conversation until you invite them in.
  4. A relationship that will hold you accountable for what you say you want to accomplish over the next two weeks and the next 100 days.
During our time together, we'll explore each of these ideas and how you might put them in place for yourself.  In preparation, please consider these questions:
  1. If someone were to coach you, what questions would you want them to ask you each week?
  2. What possibilities are at risk, if you continue to work alone?

You are good already, but there are levels beyond good if you don't try to do life alone.

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