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Conversational Skills Refresher: From Attention to Connection to Action


The current focus in coaching and changing behavior is on recent neuroscience work in insights. The research supports and explains work that has been done for years on awareness and mindfulness. This thinking seems to apply to every part of our lives, and even better, it appears obvious once explained. It does require that we be deliberate about what we want to learn, focusing on key parts, and then ensuring that our observations and insights do not disappear.

In preparation...

Please keep a simple journal and log a minimum of two insights per day. Insights may be about a discipline or field in which your are working. They can be about something you are learning. They can just be about everyday life. Said differently, notice and keep track of what you find yourself thinking about (not worrying, but thinking). 

Paul Axtell Follow-Up Workshops
Human Resources
OSU and Extension Faculty and Staff
Participants must have completed the "Conversational Skills for Convening People and Influencing Decisions" program in a previous year before registering for follow-up sessions.
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