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Conversational Skills Refresher: Going Deeper on Defense Mechanisms

People are people. We care and we take things personally. We have things in common with everyone and we are individually unique. Being great with others starts with our intention to be wonderful with everyone, and then it's about appreciating how complex our lives are and how little insight we have into each other. This exploration of defense mechanisms has three outcomes:
  • Giving our selves some room around our personal flaws.
  • Giving others lots of room around their flaws.
  • Examining how we might trip each others defenses less often.
In preparation, please keep this phrase in from of you until we meet: Everyone is a little bit scared and a whole lot proud. Be gentle. 
Paul Axtell Follow-Up Workshops
Human Resources
OSU and Extension Faculty and Staff
Participants must have completed the "Conversational Skills for Convening People and Influencing Decisions" program in a previous year before registering for follow-up sessions.
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