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Accessibility Basics for Electronic Documents

This is an introductory level workshop on electronic document accessibility. The focus will be on concepts, but will also touch on important features of software such as Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF accessibility. Many concepts will be covered, such as using proper document layout and structure, creating accessible tables, images, color combinations, and navigation. Come learn about how the OSU Policy on Information Technology Accessibility impacts you and the campus, as well as the steps you can take to ensure your documents are as accessible to individuals with disabilities, as possible. We will also spend as much or as little time on specifics questions and documents as the attendees desire, so bring your documents and questions!
Web Tools and Programming
Equal Opportunity and Access
No restriction was placed on this course.
Additional Information
In preparation for the class, attendees should become familiar with the OSU IT Accessibility website, especially the OSU Policy on Information Technology Accessibility. Also, while still in development, the electronic documents page on the OSU Accessibility website has some useful resources.