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Drupal 6 Engineering Blocks


Discover the versatility Blocks add to your OSU Drupal 6 site!  Create menus, display content, and utilize add-ons for increased functionality. 

This workshop is geared for the intermediate level Drupal 6 user and covers the following topics:

  • Blocks
    • What Blocks Are and How They Work
    • Relationship Between Blocks and Menus 
      • Configuring & Enabling Default Blocks
      • Creating Custom Blocks
      • Setting Role and Page Visibilities
    • Relationship Between Blocks & Themes
      • Understanding Regions for Theme Changes
  • Menus
    • What Menus Are and How They Work
    • Understanding Default Menus
    • Creating Custom Menu Blocks
  • Nice Menus
    • What Nice Menus Is and How It Works
    • Nice Menus Configuration
    • Enabling & Configuring Nice Menus Blocks
  • Beyond Menus
    • Using Blocks For Added Functionality
      • Announcement Blocks
      • Latest Poll Block
      • Feeds Display Blocks
    • OSU Drupal Features
      • Video Carousel with Lightbox Block configs
  • Final Layout
    • Using Contextual Links

Web Tools and Programming
IS - Central Web Services
No restriction was placed on this course.


This workshop is part of a progressive instructional series and utilizes or builds on content developed in previous workshops.  Completion of the following workshops in the order shown is strongly recommended:

  1. Drupal 6 Basics
  2. Drupal 6 Content Types
  3. Drupal 6 Developing Site Structures

An OSU Drupal 6 personal training site is required.  Contact CWS at x71189 for further information.


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