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Drupal 6 Developing Site Structures

Learn about the different site structures that can help provide order and optimization to your Drupal 6 site.  This workshop is geared for the intermediate Drupal user.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Overview
    • About the Lab Project
  • System Development
  • Navigation Structures
    • Book Content Type
      • Hierarchical Content
      • "Drill-Down" a Book Subject
      • Book Navigation Menu
  • Taxonomy Structures
    • What Taxonomy Is
    • "Drill-Down" a Taxonomy
    • Create Controlled Tag Lists for Content Optimization
    • Create Terms for Glossary Use
  • Glossary
    • What Glossary Is
    • How Glossary & Taxonomy Work Together
    • Configure Glossary

Web Tools and Programming
IS - Central Web Services
No restriction was placed on this course.


Strongly suggest either:

  1. Completion of Drupal 6 Basics & Drupal 6 Content Types workshops, or
  2. Intermediate level content development experience utilizing Drupal


Things to know for this workshop:

  • How to paste text from Microsoft Word into the WYSIWIG editor (Drupal 6 Basics)
  • How to add content to a menu (Drupal 6 Basics)
  • How to upload and embed images (Drupal 6 Content Types)

Additional Information


Advance registration is required.  Participants will work within personal development sites created for their training needs.

A small assignment is provided, which is to be completed prior to the workshop.  This assignment will be sent out at least one working day prior to the workshop.