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Training Days Program Details


Training Days, sponsored by the OSU Finance and Administration Division, provides a focused set of learning sessions designed to help Oregon State University staff and faculty get work done more knowledgably and efficiently, and find practical, healthful solutions for life.


The audience will consist of employees who:

  • Support university units in transactional and administrative roles. These employees typically require understanding of university-wide processes, policies and procedures, and administrative functions.
  • Would like to better understand benefit, retirement savings, and Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) options.
  • Are looking to develop a personal health/wellness routine.
  • Would like to learn about general programs and services available on campus.

Classroom Presentation

Presentations are mostly 50-minute sessions; however longer sessions are available. There will be 10 minutes between sessions which allows you to load the computer and set-up your presentation materials.

Room Set-up

Rooms are set up in theater style except for the Construction and Engineering Hall which has tiered seating, a stage with podium, and an area at the stage for panel discussion. Staffing will not be available for special set-up or room reconfiguration. A handout table is provided at the back of each room and working table is provided up front for presenters.

Assistance During Presentation

Moderating time, helping with handouts and other things will be available on request at the check-in table.

Equipment Provided

  • Computer, projector, screen and microphone
  • White board 
  • PowerPoint, Word, and Web with Flash capability.
  • USB ports for flash/jump drive connectivity

Loading and Unloading Equipment

LaSells Stewart Center provides a short-term loading/unloading parking area in front of the Center for your convenience.

Technical Assistance

Rooms are equipped with a touch screen control panel for AV systems. IT assistance will be available for AV troubleshooting and set-up. 


Can’t find what you need here? Contact Leigh Larkin at 541-737-3207; email leigh.larkin@oregonstate.edu.