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Business Track Presentations

Academic Regulations and Graduation – Pitfalls to Avoid

Learn about some of the academic regulation issues students get tangled up with as they approach graduation and learn how you can best guide students through the graduation process. 

Contracting for Business Transactions

Gain insight into the contracting process for business transactions. The session will address what type of agreements should be sent to Contract Services, how agreements are processed, what to consider when entering into a business transaction that requires a contract, and common issues and concerns in agreement formation.  An opportunity for questions follows at the end of the session. 

FERPA Training

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), it is the responsibility of all who work with student data to know how to properly secure the information. This session will cover what information is public and what information is private. 

Foundation Payments & Reimbursements

This session introduces and demonstrates web-based systems for expense reimbursement, direct payments and scholarship management. Whether you are a new or seasoned user, we will set you up for success.Note: This sessions time was changed on Oct.10

Grant Financial Reports using GRRS

From desk top to iPad, the Grant Reporting & Reimbursement System (GRRS) is a useful tool any day, anywhere. This reporting tool provides principal investigators (PIs), co-PIs, grant account managers and business managers with the current financial status of their grant funds. GRRS offers flexibility in reporting formats, views, and multiple options for report export.

Haunted by Weak Cash Controls?

Don’t let weak cash controls haunt your department. Strong internal controls for cash collection and deposits are necessary to prevent mishandling of university funds. Learn how to safeguard and protect employees by defining their responsibilities in the cash handling process. Ghastly real-life audits will be used to illustrate what horrors could happen in your department!

Life Cycle of a Sponsored Award

We'll cover the breadth of who does what and when for sponsored awards at OSU.  We’ll look at a typical award cycle from the proposal stage to the closeout process, and  include an explanation of compliance review processes and sub-award monitoring.  Office of Post Award Administration (OPAA) staff that perform various tasks throughout the cycle will present specifics about each stage.

MyDegrees Data Warehouse Model Introduction

This session will provide the basic information needed to understand and use the MyDegrees data warehouse model.

MyDegrees Review

MyDegrees is the degree audit system used at OSU. If you advise students to degree completion, you will need MyDegrees. We will cover the complete basics of using MyDegrees, including degree audit, student education planner, making exceptions, and reviewing history. New features related to the newest upgrade will be highlighted. 

Navigating OCCD, OSP and PaCS

Knowing where to submit your requests and contracts can be a bit confusing. Join the Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development (OCCD), Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Procurement and Contract Services (PaCS) as they review the responsibilities of each office and answer questions about the services they provide.

New Foreign Visitors/Entities Policies and Procedures

Will cover topics related to new policies and procedures for paying international visitors and entities. This will incorporate payments made via payroll, as well as payments on personal services contacts, stipends, and travel reimbursements.

Procurement - We Are Not Vogons

Launch into the wide galaxy of procurement! Discover the services that OSU Procurement provides and how to most effectively use them to get positive results. Examples will show how we can help you navigate through the procurement cosmos to successfully reach your destination.

Understanding and Guiding Students through the Petition Process: Part One

This is Part One of two sessions intended for advisors working with students. It will provide a comprehensive review of Academic Petitions related to petitioning the Academic Requirements Committee (ARC). The ARC reviews student petitions related to Late Add and Drop of courses, Withdraw from the university, and other academic regulations. 

Understanding and Guiding Students Through the Petition Process: Part Two

This is Part Two of two sessions intended for advisors working with students who are under Academic Suspension from the institution. It will provide a comprehensive review of academic petitions related to petitioning the Academic Standing Committee - with a few miscellaneous Registrar forms for fun.