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All student organizations at Oregon State are now classified as either a Sponsored Student Organization (SSO), a Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) or a Non-Affiliated Student Organization (NSO).  For more information on the classification system, please visit Student Events & Activities Center. These classifications define the level of responsibility of the student organizations, their relationship with the university and how funds are allocated.

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The way a student organization is classified will determine which university logos and trademarks can be used.  For complete guidelines for each classification, please see:

Design Guidelines

  • Student organizations are permitted to create unique logos to represent their group. All logos and designs need to follow the guidelines for their respective classification.
  • The organization's full name should appear in the design or on the product, including club or team. This helps differentiate the organization from similar programs or departments on campus.
  • All university logos, wordmarks and verbiage require the appropriate trademark registrations.
  • Logos need to be seen in their entirety and should not be covered, layered or used as background images.
  • All university logos, wordmarks and verbiage cannot be green or yellow or appear on green or yellow garments (select camouflage patterns are acceptable and subject to approval).
  • Stylized, cartoon or hand drawn images of a beaver are not permitted. Use of these images undermines efforts to build a unified Oregon State brand.
  • Verbiage cannot be used in a slanted font as it is not consistent with the university's branding.
  • Parody designs are not permitted. All artwork should be original. 
  • The Trademark Licensing Program reserves the right to deny any designs that do not represent the university positively. 

Promotional Items

  • All products must be produced by a licensed vendor.
  • Products can only be sold for fundraising purposes.
  • Due to university regulations, products cannot be sold on campus.


  • Ensure the organization's logo or design fits the classification's design guidelines.
  • Submit artwork to Trademark Licensing for approval prior to production.
  • Use one of the approved licensed vendors.

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