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Oregon State at a glance: 

  • Oregon State is home to nearly 25,000 students and 4,600 faculty and staff
  • There are nearly 90,000 active Oregon State alumni living throughout the state of Oregon and more than 160,000 alumni nation-wide
  • With no NFL, MLB or NHL teams, Oregon State has attracted a loyal fan base of “Beaver Believers” with no direct connection to the university
  • In 2006 & 2007, Oregon State captured back-to-back NCAA Baseball National Championships
  • The Oregon State Football team has played in a post season bowl game 9 times in the past 13 years
  • The Oregon State/University of Oregon Civil War football game is the 7th oldest rivalry football game in the country
  • In the last five years, revenue generated by Oregon State’s licensing program has grown by 148%
  • Royalties generated from the 2007 national championship licensing program established a CLC record for baseball
  • Oregon State annually ranks among CLC’s Top-35 selling clients and among the Top-10 west of the Rockies

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