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Learning to think like a planet
February 20, 2012

Learning to think like a planet

In a rapidly changing environment that will challenge human relationships, how can we maintain a respectful and ethical culture?

Cultural Designer
June 3, 2011

Cultural Designer

Contemporary images respect Ojibway traditions

Neebinnaukzhik means “summer evening” in the Ojibway (also known as Chippewa) language of the Great Lakes region. When Neebinnaukzhik Southall was growing up, she made handcrafts — friendship bracelets, dream catchers and beaded animals — and sold them to family and friends. She called her business Summer’s Specials.

Jon Lewis on The Godfather
November 15, 2010

Jon Lewis on The Godfather

OSU professor Jon Lewis reflects on how The Godfather came to be the blockbuster that boosted the sagging fortunes of Paramount Pictures.

A Feeling for Family
July 23, 2010

A Feeling for Family

Personal relationships drive Shelley Jordon's experiments with painting and animation

When Shelley Jordon was a little girl growing up in Brooklyn, she got in trouble for pulling her mother’s books off the shelves and drawing in the white spaces. Her need to create was so strong that she couldn’t resist, despite knowing her mom would be angry. Many years later as an adult reeling from […]

Put a Book in Your Backpack
July 17, 2010

Put a Book in Your Backpack

Summer adventures abound in the Northwest, not only across the region’s magnificent landscape but within the covers of books written by Northwesterners about the people and places that make the region unique.

April 23, 2010

Who Pays More?

OSU economist B. Starr McMullen honored for her analysis

Nothing gets a conversation started like a proposal for a new tax or a user fee. OSU economist B. Starr McMullen discovered that when she gave public presentations about vehicle mileage fees. “This is the one topic I’ve done in my career where everyone has an opinion,” says McMullen, an expert in transportation economics. In […]

Where Chemistry Meets Compassion
April 23, 2010

Where Chemistry Meets Compassion

Examining the biological roots of empathy

You don’t think of voles as paragons of virtue. Yet one species of these drab mouse-like creatures is loyal to its mate for life, helps around the den, cuddles its young, and generally exhibits what humans would call “family values.” Meet the true-blue prairie vole. Its cousin the meadow vole, however, is a cad. Despite […]

OSU Scholars Archive Ranks Among World’s Best
April 17, 2010

OSU Scholars Archive Ranks Among World’s Best

ScholarsArchive@OSU, a digital archive for scholarly writings, rates among the top institutional repositories in the world. Achieving its highest ratings yet in January 2010, OSU came in fourth nationally and 16th internationally on Web-o-Metrics Institutional Repository rankings. Only three U.S. universities — MIT (which designed the repository software), Michigan and Tufts — outranked Oregon State. […]

February 22, 2010

Girl GIRL Boy Boy

Women’s stories reveal the dark side of an age-old tradition

At the “Shahargaon” community clinic near Delhi in 2008, Sunil Khanna worked with doctors and community workers to learn about women’s reproductive heath-care needs and their views on son preference. Khanna’s interviews helped him develop community-based intervention programs. (Photo: Lakshman Anand)

November 23, 2009

Leading Man

Jon Lewis explores the art and business of American film

Moreland Hall faces the picturesque Memorial Union in the heart of a historic college campus straight out of central casting. Rounding a corner on the way to film professor Jon Lewis’ modest office, you’d encounter a poster that makes it clear he thinks in Technicolor and speaks in terms just as vivid: “REAL SEX: The […]

June 23, 2009

The OSU Readers Summer Collection

Whether on a beach towel or a deck chair, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of words

“I’ll never forget the day I read a book,” Jimmy Durante sang, with an aside: “My house is loaded with books. And believe me, they’re not just there for appearances: I’ve pressed an awful lot of butterflies!” We hope you’ll let the butterflies stay on the flowers this summer and spend some time yourself in […]

April 24, 2009

Hiding Man — The Art of Story

In 1948, Donald Barthelme was not quite 17 years old when he and a friend decided to hitchhike from Houston to Mexico City. They had a total of thirty dollars, and since both liked to write, they stopped at a drug store to pick up pencils and notebooks. They left a note for Barthelme’s parents […]

April 23, 2009

Stage Kiss

Romance, history and science converge in OSU theater production

Arianne Jacques pondered the graphs projected on the screen and listened intently to Professor Ken Krane’s explanations – Newton’s First Law of Physics, Chaos Theory. She filled her notebook with scribbles about thermodynamics, algorithms, fractals and cosines. But at “iterative process,” the 21-year-old junior exclaimed, “I don’t get it!” and tossed down her pen. She […]

Musical Panache
April 30, 2008

Musical Panache

OSU steel drum ensemble taps into Caribbean rhythms

OSU percussionist Bob Brudvig is leading a five-person ensemble in a practice session on the second floor of historic Benton Hall. It may be winter in Corvallis, but the music makes you forget the drizzle outside. It evokes palm trees, Caribbean sun and pre-Lenten carnivals. Brudvig works the melody on his chrome-plated steel drum, tapping […]