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Chasing the canine connection
November 16, 2011

Chasing the canine connection

When Cristina Eisenberg first heard a wolf howl, she felt comforted and curious.

[Editor’s note: Ingrid Ockert is senior pursuing a liberal arts degree with a focus in the history of science ] When Cristina Eisenberg and her family moved to Montana in 1994, they received a warm welcome from their neighbors. On the first night in their new log cabin, they were greeted by the sonorous howls […]

April 25, 2007

On Red Owl Mountain

By Cristina Eisenberg In the rural West, geography defines us. I live with my husband and teenage daughters on the shoulder of Red Owl Mountain, one of the many mountains that make up the Swan Range, which is part of the crazy quilt of ranges that forms the Rocky Mountains in northwest Montana. Our cabin […]