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‘Tis the Season
November 27, 2012

‘Tis the Season

Winter brings flu — and drug awareness, too

PORTLAND – It was a nippy November day in Pioneer Courthouse Square. The city’s annual Christmas tree was going up — a giant evergreen to mark the holiday season. But that wasn’t the only super-sized object with a seasonal message. A couple of strides from the mega-tree stood a monstrous nose, a reminder that the […]

Battling the Superbugs
May 30, 2012

Battling the Superbugs

Science wages war on bacteria that are resisting modern drugs

This story has echoes of heroes tramping the Earth (or the galaxy) on a quest to defeat the forces of darkness. Along the way, the travelers encounter strange creatures with remarkable powers. They endure harrowing tests of mental strength and technological prowess. In the end, they prevail, bringing down the enemy and discovering a truth […]

New OSU spinoff company ships first product
December 21, 2011

New OSU spinoff company ships first product

Biosurfactant aims at pharmaceutical, cosmetic, environmental remediation and other global markets.

AGAE Technologies opened its doors in May 2011 on the basis of research by Xihou Yin, research scientist in the College of Pharmacy.

Co-conspirators in Melanoma
October 26, 2011

Co-conspirators in Melanoma

Researchers discover "partners in crime" in deadly skin disease

Americans spend billions to beautify their outermost organ — to make it softer and younger, to erase wrinkles, conceal freckles, fake a tan, flaunt a tattoo. In our obsession with skin’s cosmetic qualities, it’s easy to forget the role it plays as nature’s biohazard suit. It defends our bodies against a barrage of environmental and […]

October 26, 2011

How Tumors Begin

The Birth-Weight Factor
May 31, 2011

The Birth-Weight Factor

Small babies may face lifelong problems metabolizing meds

Among the questions you may be asked someday by doctors who prescribe your medications is one that few people can probably answer: What was your birth weight? Research by Ganesh Cherala of the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy suggests that when physicians prescribe drugs ranging from Tylenol to cancer chemotherapies, they may need to […]

Nature’s Medicine Chest
July 23, 2010

Nature’s Medicine Chest

Taifo Mahmud's father inspired a quest for new drugs in Indonesia

Taifo Mahmud opens the incubator and, picking up the stacked petri dishes one by one, raises them to the light. Each round, lidded container displays a colorful pattern pocked or sprayed across the agar. The researcher points with pride to the branching abstractions of yellows and rusts, oranges and greens, the visible etchings of billions […]

Biases and Barriers
April 24, 2010

Biases and Barriers

Pharmacist battles myths about chronic pain

Bi-Mart seems an unlikely springboard for social change. Yet tucked away in a corner of a store on the edge of Springfield, pharmacist Kathy Hahn is waging a militant campaign against pain. “I’m kind of an activist,” she says, leaning close to her listener and whispering the word “activist” as if confiding a dark secret. […]

April 23, 2010

Oxytocin, Empathy and Autism: Q&A with Sarina Rodrigues

Terra: What is the link between empathy and autism? Sarina Rodrigues: In general, people high on the autism scale don’t do particularly well on tasks where they are asked to read other people’s emotions. We call this skill “empathic accuracy.” But that doesn’t mean people with autism can’t empathize. In fact, there’s one theory that […]

February 22, 2010

No More Dentures

Discovery could lead to growing spare teeth

As soon as the story was out last winter, Chrissa Kioussi’s phone started to ring. People offered to send her their teeth or to volunteer in her study of tooth development.

January 23, 2008

First Line of Defense

Last fall’s announcement that virulent antibiotic-resistant staph infections had killed almost 19,000 patients in American hospitals and nursing homes in 2005 didn’t surprise George Allen. With colleagues David Bearden and Mark Christensen, the assistant professor in the OSU College of Pharmacy studies antibiotic effectiveness. He focuses on a class of broad-spectrum antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones, […]

April 1, 2007

Mental Health Lifeline

The most important visitors to Stacy Ramirez’s office walk around her desk and sit in a chair next to her. As they talk, Ramirez catches subtle cues about her visitors’ emotions, whether or not they are taking their pills or maybe hearing voices again. “I can tell by their eyes if there’s something going on […]

July 23, 2006

New Life from Black Water

Forget about clear, pristine waters. The real action for some scientists is in dark swamps where black stained water has the acidity of vinegar.