"THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I just converted over 30 files in about 6 minutes. I can't tell you how much time and probably aggravation that saved me. Just one more thing to add to my list of reasons why TAC is needed. :)"
Kathy Greaves, Human Development and Family Sciences, F06


I’m writing to let you know how absolutely impressed I am with the level of support Oregon State University provides its teachers.... I’ve participated in training sessions and have learned many new things by accessing the Technology Across the Curriculum website.... I strongly recommend to our faculty that they take advantage of these valuable services."
Bill Daley, Business, F07


"I am so glad that our University is supporting the faculty with technology. I have been teaching at OSU for 32 years and the need for this type of infrastructure is fantastic and clearly a winner for both faculty and students."
Steve Lawton, Business, F07


"Honestly, without all of your help and support, it is unlikely that I would bother to utilize the technology resources that are available on campus. You made it easy for me to begin using Black Board for my large classes, and you are always willing to follow through and help with issues as they arise.... You are an integral part of the OSU community and necessary for success as we continue to grow and evolve! I can’t thank you enough!!"
Mary Pedersen, Design and Human Environment, F07


"Your department is exceptionally professional; I appreciate your "can do" outlook!"
Mary Martin, OUS International Programs, F10


"Your services at TAC are timely and important to accomplishing the work we do at the university ... particularly in light of evolution of blogging services underway. Our programs in the College of Education benefit from your commitment to serving the campus of Oregon State."
Chester Bateman, Education, U08


"I've found TAC's quick response in support and quality of work hard to beat among University services. Let's bottle this enthusiasm for great service and spread it around!"
Chester Bateman, Education, U08


"Thanks for connecting me with TAC. They very gently unearthed my mistake - and I am back in the modern world of on line testing."
John Marler, New Media Communications, W09


"You are a great resource for faculty."
Jeff McCubbin, Health and Sports Science, U07


"Thank you very much for your assistance with the Blackboard grade book....I really appreciate the work that you do in support of teaching at OSU."
Larry Becker, Geography/Geosciences, F07