Clicker Support

Clicker Supportdiagram of buttons on the nxt clicker

Students can get clicker support from the OSU Walk-Up Computer Helpdesk in the Valley Library. Disability Access Services provides support for the accessible clicker. TAC recommends keeping a spare set of 3 AAA batteries on hand for your Turning NXT clicker.

Your thoughts and questions are always welcome. Contact TAC at http://oregonstate.edu/tac/student.

Using Your Clicker

  • Turn On: Press any button (Your NXT clicker will automatically turn itself off in order to save battery - there os no dedicted off button.)
  • Change Channel: Press the Channel button, enter a number, press the gray oval shaped Submit button.
  • Send a Response: Press the desired answer. For single response answers (ie multiple choice) there is no need to press the Submit button. For text, numeric, or multiple answer questions, the Submit button must be pressed to send your answer.
  • Changing Your Response: As long as polling is open, you can change your response at anytime by entering and submitting a new answer.
  • Confirmation: If you see 2 dots and a smiley, your response was sent successfully.

clicker confirmation

If you are having trouble sending a response, trying hitting the back button until the screen clears entirely and no buttons are showing as selected, then try again. It's possible that you have a menu activated without even realizing it. If you are still having trouble, seek help.

Register Your Clicker

In order to get credit for using your clicker in class, you must register your clicker on Blackboard.

  • Log into Blackboard: http://my.oregonstate.edu.
  • Click on your course link.
  • Find and click on the Tools link.
  • Scroll down and click on TurningPoint Registration Tool.
  • Enter the Device ID found on the back of your clicker, just below the barcode. Keep in mind that all 0's (zeroes) and all 1's (ones) are numbers, not letters.

screenshots of blackboard and locataion of device ID