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Group Activity: The Mobile Enabled Classroom
Takeaway: 90%+ of OSU students have mobile devices with them in class.
Organizing the use of those devices is much like other classroom planning.
http://oregonstate.edu/tac/sites/default/files/handouts/mobile-learning/the_mobile_enabled_course.pdf -
Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series 2013 | Technology Across ...
All of OSU. Information Services: Academic Technologies ... Oregon State
University Corvallis, OR 97331. Email: TAC Phone: (541)-737-3811. Copyright ©
2015 ...
http://oregonstate.edu/tac/blackboard-innovative-teaching-series-2013 - 34k
TAC Quick Steps Fall 2012
OSU users on changes and updates to Blackboard. Q. Who is on the committee?
A. OSU faculty, the Registrar's office, IT, TAC, the Library, Center for. Teaching ...
http://oregonstate.edu/tac/sites/default/files/2012tacquicksteps-2pgs.pdf -
with people inside and outside of OSU. Blackboard 9.1 updates continue on the
back page! Blackboard 9.1. TAC QUICK STEPS Fall 2011. Blackboard 9.1 ...
http://oregonstate.edu/tac/sites/default/files/2011tacquickstepsweb.pdf -
Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Second Life | Technology Across ...
Some locations have signs around that you can click on that will directly add you
to a group, just like Oregon State University: Beaver Island has one on the main ...
http://oregonstate.edu/tac/how-to-use/virtual-worlds/tips-and-tricks-enhance-your-second-life - 45k
Hitachi StarBoard: Fixed & On-Screen Function Buttons (version 9)
Provided by: Oregon State University • Technology Across the Curriculum • tac@
oregonstate.edu • oregonstate.edu/tac. Hitachi StarBoard: Fixed & On-Screen.
http://oregonstate.edu/tac/sites/default/files/pdf/hitachistarboardv9-quicktips.pdf -
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