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SCUP 2013 San Diego

North View of Classroom Building Exterior and Interior of Arena Classroom

Redefining the Teaching and Learning Experience at Oregon State University

Monday, July 29, 2013, 3:00 PM–4:30 PM in Room 30A

Presented by: Jon Dorbolo, Associate Director, Technology Across the Curriculum, Oregon State University; John Gremmels, Senior Project Manager, Oregon State University; Michael Tingley, Principal, BOORA Architects; Rebecca Warner, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Oregon State University

Convened by: Renee Driscoll, Business Development Manager, Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc.

Academia is facing profound changes in content delivery, driving a transition from passive to active teaching and learning. This session will explore how Oregon State University (OSU) is facing this challenge head-on by redefining the classroom environment to increase engagement and interaction between instructors and students. With 2,500 classroom seats spaces, the new Center for Teaching and Learning at OSU will be a case study for new forms of teaching space, advanced technology, and collaborative faculty environments that inspire cross-disciplinary interaction.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Organize a cross-disciplinary project team that can address institution-wide academic, spatial, technology, and pedagogy objectives.
  2. Review new types of classroom environments and content delivery strategies that promote active learning, incorporate technology, measure success, and plan for future changes.
  3. Strategize how to combine campus media and technology resources into a single "think tank" entity that can collaboratively support faculty teaching capabilities and innovative content delivery.
  4. Identify key elements for creating a learner-focused environment, including informal gathering spaces, outside-the-classroom learning, and highly flexible seating arrangements.

Presentation Slides:

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