Beaver Island: Featured Projects

Get more details about a selection of some of our newer and most exciting projects occurring on or in relation to OSU Beaver Island. Check back periodically for updates of existing and upcoming projects.

Beaver Wave: Ripples for Change (USDA Grant)

"Oregon State University has received a grant of nearly $5 million to develop an obesity prevention and healthy lifestyle program for teenagers. Unlike many programs that focus on treatment of children already at risk of obesity, this new program will aim at active high school-age teens involved in 4-H soccer programs in Oregon." (Read the rest of this article on OSU Synergies.)

mixed reality photo - wave teamTAC is excited to be partnering with College of Public Health and Human Sciences on this USDA funded grant doing research in both physical and virtual spaces. We are still in the planning stages of this project, so check back periodically if you want to follow along in our progress.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse these articles related to the WAVE project for more information:

New Classroom Building: Arena and Parliament Demos

A new classroom building is scheduled to break ground by the end of this year! It will be located north of the new Austin Hall and west of the Women's Building and is planned to be open for use by 2015. The new building will contain a variety of traditional and experimental classroom designs, including arena and parliment style classrooms. TAC partnered with Boora to present this new building at the 2013 SCUP conference in San Diego. In effort to enhance the experience to the audience as well as provide virtual ground for orienting and training new faculty for the space, virtual versions of the experimental room designs were constructed on Beaver Island.

virtual arena classroom  virtual parliament classroom

Want to check out these virtual spaces yourself? Visit Beaver Island and you can! The virtual versions are open to the public.

Want to keep up with the physical classroom building progress happening here on OSU's campus? Visit the Learning Space page and sign up for updates.

Other Virtual World Projects

This is just a glimpse at a few of the exciting projects that OSU and TAC are involved in within virtual environments. Want to explore them yourself? Visit Beaver Island.

Have questions about a particular project or virtual environments in general? Contact us.