Beaver Island

Benny and Wrenaria having a picnic on virtual Beaver Island

What is Second Life?

Second Life (SL) is a virtual world that was first launched by Linden Labs in 2003. It can be accessed via the Internet and is populated by more than one million registered residents around the world. More than 300 universities and colleges have their own presence in Second Life. Second Life Residents explore, interact with each other, communicate, trade, and create space within the world. One remarkable aspect of Second Life is that nearly all of the content within the world is user-created.

You, too, can explore Second Life by creating your own avatar (a visual representation of yourself). There is no cost to create a Second Life account or to download the Second Life client.

Benny Beaver Avatar

What is Beaver Island?

Oregon State University's plot of virtual reality called Beaver Island is designed to support educational projects and institutional values. Some of the experiences you will find on Beaver Island include:

  • Memorial Union (MU)
  • Residence hall samples (holodeck style)
  • Disability simulation and information
  • TAC educational resources
  • Media Services information and lab
  • Experimental classrooms
  • Arnold Dining Hall with nutrition goggles
  • Future campus classroom demos (more info on featured projects page)

Beaver Island will grow as a resource as students, faculty, and staff become increasingly involved.

How to Get to Beaver Island

  1. Log in to Second Life (the Second Life client must be active to access Beaver Island).
  2. After entering the Second Life main grid, open this SLurl in your web browser: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oregon%20State%20University/193/14...
  3. Click on “Visit this location."
  4. A landmark for Beaver Island will appear on your screen within Second Life. Select teleport to go there.

For information on setting up a Second Life account, please refer to "Getting Started."

Need Help In-World?

Contact avatar Wrenaria Antiesse or TAC Difference in-world for help. Offline IMs will be received the next time either avatar logs back in. Or send an email to tac@oregonstate.edu and schedule a time to receive help.

If you are faculty/staff and are interested in setting up class activities in Second Life, please contact us. We'd love to hear your ideas