OSU RemoteAppsStudent Computing Facilities is pleased to announce that they replacing the Umbrella remote desktop service with an upgraded service called RemoteApps. This service officially launched on December 14th 2013.

RemoteApps will allow you and your students to access the same applications found in Umbrella, but in the context of a scalable remote application services environment. While Umbrella was a full remote desktop environment, you may access RemoteApps from Android tablets and iPads as well as standard computers via the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.


You and your students may access the new RemoteApps using the easy to remember URL: https://remoteapps.oregonstate.edu.

Support is available from the OSU Computer Helpdesk and documentation with connection instructions is available from the OSU Computer HelpDocs RemoteApps page.

Should you require assistance updating your course syllabus to reflect the change from the Umbrella to RemoteApps for Winter Term 2014, please feel free to contact Mark Dinsmore at TAC.

How to Save Files from RemoteApps

The apps you launch in RemoteApps run on an OSU server. You’ll need to save the files you create to your ONID space (2 GB maximum).

If you want to send that file elsewhere – for example, via email or Canvas – you’ll then need to access your Home Directory to transfer your files from your ONID space to your own computer. Learn more



Licensing restrictions limit the number of people who can access the software simultaneously.

You may only be logged into RemoteApps on one device simultaneously. For example, you'll need to log off from a laptop session in order to access RemoteApps via a tablet.