Learning Methods for Prezi

Learning Methods for Prezi

Prezi can be used as an interactively learning tool. There are many applications, but here are just a few visual methods you can explore using Prezi.


With Prezi, you are able to create timelines to show historical relationships between events using an interactive interface. Anyone can interact with the timeline by clicking on frames to zoom in and out (alternatively you can use the mouse wheel). You can also click and drag to move around.

  1. Putting Time in Perspective - Won best zooming Prezi of 2013.
  2. Timeline of Climate Modeling Standard Timeline.
  3. Timeline of Humanity - Standard Timeline.
  4. Ancient History Timeline - Vertical Timeline.


Within Prezi, you can create different types of diagrams from templates or from scratch. Here are some examples below:

Cause & Effect Diagram:

Bubble Diagram:

Double-Bubble Diagram:

Flow Diagram:

Dichotomous Key

Prezi has been used to make dichotomous keys because of Prezi's nearly infinite usable canvas space. This prezi was a collaborative assignment done by students: Zoo Trip Dichotomous Key