Prezi Guides

Below are some tutorials the help get you started if you are new to Prezi. If you would like more in depth information, try taking a look at our PDF guides.

Getting Started with Prezi

Prezi Written Guides (PDF)

Doing more with Prezi

  1. Prezi CSS Editor - The CSS opens up new doors to fully customize your prezi. Learn how to change the color of lines, frames, and shapes as well as border thickness and transparency.
  2. Additional CSS Documentation for Prezi - A more comprehensive guide for the CSS editor in Prezi. Although it is out of date, it can still be useful.
  3. How to Embed a Prezi in Blackboard - You must allow Blackboard to run unsafe scripts in order to see your prezi in Blackboard.

Additional Resources

Practice using Prezi by following these do-it-yourself tutorials:

If you have any questions whether something is possible in Prezi, or if one of the tutorials did not explain something to your satisfaction, send us an email at Prezi@oregonstate.edu. TAC is more than happy to assist you in learning how to use Prezi.