Prezi Examples

Prezi Examples

Prezi is used in many different ways to captivate audiences. Below is a list of Prezis that will be sure to impress you. Make sure to check out "Presentation on Presentations" and "The Magical Theory of Relativity".

  • Presentation on Presentations - Learning how to amaze and inspire your audience.
  • The Magical Theory of Relativity - Relaying information through many visuals, animations, and storytelling
  • Syria: The Basics - With Prezi, you can use narration to make your prezi sound like a story. This prezi uses voiceover and timelines to inform people about the Syrian conflict.
  • If You Put it That Way - Using space and zooming to rethink how presentations are done using Prezi
  • Coca Cola Company - Informative approach, adapting a PowerPoint presentation into a Prezi
  • Prezume - A unique way to show off your Resume using Prezi. This shows that you can be creative in using Prezi for more than just presentations

Examples for Colleges

We have compiled a list of Prezis pertaining to the different colleges here at OSU. If you are unsure how you would use Prezi in your class, here are some ideas!

Other Useful Prezis

Here are other Prezis that will inspire you to create.