What is PowerPoint?

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PowerPoint is a slide presentation creation tool and presentation platform from the Microsoft Office family of products.  All classroom computers have this program installed. If you want to become more familiar with PowerPoint, contact TAC, attend one of our webinars (listed in the right sidebar) or stop by:  we enjoy providing personalized tutorials for any comfort level with PowerPoint.  Also check out and utilize the list of resources below; if we are missing information or ideas, please let us know!

PowerPoint Resources

Introductory PowerPoint (Videos)

  • Navigating PowerPoint - Introduction to the major areas of the PowerPoint interface.
  • Pictures - Inserting and resizing pictures, clip art, and screenshots.
  • Presenting - Viewing the slide show; switching programs during slideshow (0:54); annotating during the presentation (1:34).
  • Printing - How to print out your slides in different ways.
  • Slide Basics - Inserting, Deleting and Slide Layout.
  • Slide Basics - Techniques to organize slides. Also shows how to use the Outline feature to edit slides.
  • Text Boxes - How to manipulate text boxes (skip to 0:54).
  • Themes - Giving a theme to your presentation.

Intermediate PowerPoint (Videos)

  • Animations (text and pictures) - Creating text and picture effects to give a smoother look to your slides.
  • Graphs - How to make graphs. Using data from an existing spreadsheet (2:06).
  • Pictures (editing) - Editing your pictures to give them a much better look in your presentation.
  • Pictures (refining) - Refining images by removing their backgrounds and white space.
  • Presenter View - Running your presentation in Presenter Viewer mode, which includes notes and annotations.
  • Saving to Different File Types - Restoring Autosave versions (1:18); Saving as an older version of PowerPoint (1:30); Saving as .pdf, video, & more (2:18).
  • Slide Backgrounds - Changing and altering backgrounds to all slides or individual slides.
  • Tables - Creating and inserting tables.
  • Slide Transitions - Applying slide transitions.
  • Video and Audio - Inserting and resizing videos from your computer.
  • Video Editing - Useful techniques for using videos in your presentation.

PDF Guides