How to Upload to MediaSpace


MediaSpace is Oregon State University’s media distribution platform. It is an open source cloud based web service developed by Kaltura which facilitates the conversion and distribution of various audio and video media formats. Faculty, staff and students may upload media content themselves to MediaSpace where the conversion of the content is automated.

MediaSpace is intended for distribution and not archiving. It is important that you keep your original source material.

Content uploaded to the MediaSpace servers is expected to conform to the Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources Policy.

There are no limits on the duration of media or its size, nor is there a limit on the amount of media that may be uploaded by a user. There is no cost to you for the use of MediaSpace.

This process details how to upload your content to MediaSpace.


Step 1: Uploading


-       Visit MediaSpace at http://media.oregonstate.edu/

-       Login with your ONID username and password by clicking “login” at the top right-hand of the web page

-       Mouse over “Add New” at the top right and select “Media Upload” or simply click on “Add New”

-       Click “+ Choose a file to upload”

-       Browse your computer to locate the file you wish to upload and click Open

-       The blue bar will indicate the progress of the file upload

  • DO NOT close this window until the progress bar has turned green and it reads “Finished uploading!”

-       You may enter values for Name, Created By, Description and Tags

-       As your file uploads, you may upload additional recordings by clicking on “+ Choose another file”

-       Click “Save”


Step 2: Publishing Your Media


-       Once your media has been uploaded, go to your “My Media” page (available in the menu across the top) to access your media

-       Depending on the duration of your media and the number of other media that are currently being processed, if may be a few minutes until your media is available for playback

-       Click on the title or thumbnail of your media

-       You now have numerous options for distributing your media online:

  • Leave it inaccessible: by default, your media is available only to you. If you do not change the publishing options, the media will remain inaccessible to all others.
  • Make it public to the world: By adding your media to one – or more – galleries you can make it available for all persons to see without restrictions.
    • Click the Publish tab underneath the media
    • Choose Publish in Gallery
    • Check the box next to one or more galleries
  • Restrict it to only a select group of viewers: By adding your media to one – or more – channels you can restrict who can view your media.
    • Click the Publish tab underneath the media
    • Choose Publish in Channel
    • Check the box next to one or more channels
    • See the “How to Create a Channel in MediaSpace” process for further details on how create and restrict access to channels
  • Embed your media outside of MediaSpace: By embedding your media on a webpage outside of MediaSpace, you forgo all MediaSpace restrictions and inherit the restrictions of that web site. Those restrictions could be limited (such as on Blackboard) or wide open (such as on a Drupal page or Wordpress blog).
    • See the “How to Embed MediaSpace Media” process for further details on how to embed your media