Kaltura MediaSpace and Blackboard

Set up and add media to the Blackboard Course Gallery


This document describes how to set up the Course Gallery in a Blackboard course site. Use the Course Gallery to access your MediaSpace content, add media, share it, and access usage and consumption reports from within Blackboard.
Please note we have additional training resources for adding content to MediaSpace and ensuring it’s available for your intended audience.

Step 1: Create a link to the Course Gallery

The Course Gallery is a searchable and sortable display in a Blackboard course site of all media content assigned to that course. (The Course Gallery is different from an Item you may create in a Blackboard site to embed a video or share files with your students.)
You can display media stored in MediaSpace, or use the gallery to upload media from your webcam or from a screen recording.
Once you’ve created a link on your course menu, you and your students can access the Course
1. Go to Blackboard at http://my.oregonstate.edu/
2. Login with your ONID username and password
3. Open your desired course
4. In your course menu, click the Plus icon, then select Tool Link

5. Enter a name for the link, then select Media Gallery from the dropdown list.
6. Check the box to make the link visible to users, then click Submit:

7. The new link will display at the bottom of the menu; you can move it to a new position in the menu by clicking and dragging on the double-headed arrows on the right side of the menu link or button:

Step 2a: Accessing Previously Uploaded Content

1. In the Course Gallery, click Add Media

2. Choose Upload media or record from webcam
3. In the pop-up, choose My Content
4. Enter a keyword or leave blank to see all your media, and click Search
5. Select one – or more – of your media (a plus sign will appear on each selected item) and click Next:

6. Modify the Title, Tags and Description to each selected piece of media as desired and click Next


Step 2b: Adding New Content

When media is added via the Course Gallery in Blackboard, it is stored on MediaSpace servers. This means your media files will not add to the course site’s storage quota. Uploading through the Course Gallery also uploads the media to MediaSpace.

1. In the Course Gallery, click Add Media
2. Choose Upload media or record from webcam:

3. In the pop-up, choose Upload
4. Click Browse

5. Select a file and click Open (repeat this process for multiple files)
6. Click Upload!

7. Allow the files to upload; Once the upload has completed, click Next
8. Modify the Title, Tags and Description to each uploaded piece of media as desired and click Next

Students can follow this same process to upload their audio/video assignments. By default, all uploaded content is inaccessible to all persons except for the instructor. This protects the student’s privacy and confidentiality.

Step 3: Sharing Content with Students

Once a piece of media has been added to the Course Gallery, it must still be published in order for it to be visible to students.
1. In the Course Gallery, select the desired piece of content
2. Click the box to Make this Item Public in Gallery
3. Select one of the categories

Step 4: Add Media to your Course site

You don’t have to use the Course Gallery to display media in your course site. Blackboard’s
content editor has a tool that makes it easy to find and embed files you already have in

MediaSpace. The content editor is available for Items, Assignments, Discussion forums and discussion posts and some test question types.

1. Open any Blackboard tool that has a content editor
2. If you only see one row of tools in the content editor click the Show More button on the
far right to expand all of the toolbars:

3. Click the dropdown arrow on the right of the Mashups tool to expand the menu:
4. Choose Kaltura Media
5. Find the desired piece of media and click Select
6. Add a title (required) and description (optional) and click Submit

Step 5: Accessing Analytics

Analytics reports display which students have viewed a piece of content, as well as their
corresponding “View drop-off” (i.e. how much of that content they watched).

1. In the Course Gallery, click the View Course Media Reports button in the upper right area of the screen:

2.To see reports pertaining to a specific piece of media
a. Click the + next to the Most popular media:

b. Select See Full Report> > (right side of screen)

c. Click the + next to the desired piece of content



Download this page as a PDF Handout.