How to Embed MediaSpace Media


MediaSpace, Oregon State University’s media distribution platform, gives users the ability to embed their videos on other web sites.

It is important to note that you can only embed videos that you own. That means only videos which you yourself have uploaded or which have been previously uploaded and then assigned to you as owner. This is a necessary precaution to prevent secured videos from behind shared off site.

Furthermore, note that the permissions applied to media within MediaSpace are stripped away from content that is embedded off site. Thus, if you are seeking to secure a piece of content and restrict its playback to only select users, it is preferable that you not embed it off site, or that it be embedded on a restricted site, such as Blackboard.

This process details how to embed one of your MediaSpace videos onto a webpage.


Step 1: Obtaining Your Embed Code


-       Visit MediaSpace at http://media.oregonstate.edu/

-       Login with your ONID username and password by clicking “login” at the top right-hand of the web page

-       Select “My Media” in your personal menu across the top

-       Locate the media you wish to embed

-       Click on the title of the media you wish to embed

-       Scroll below the media and click on the “Share” tab” underneath

-       Click on the “Embed” button

-       Below the embed code, you have the option to select one of two different player skins; the skins are identical except that the second skin includes a button that allows viewers to download the video locally (use caution when selecting this option as it permits users to do whatever they please with your video, including sharing it elsewhere without your authorization)

-       Below the player skins, you can select one of three sizes for your embed code

-       Copy the embed code


Step 2a: Embedding Your Code on a Drupal 7 Page


-       Login to your desired Drupal 7 site

-       Edit an existing page or add a new item by choosing “Add Content” from the Drupal menu

-       Select the “HTML” button from the editor bar on your Drupal page

-       Paste the previously copied MediaSpace embed code into your page

-       Select “Full HTML” as your desired “Text format”

-       Click Save



Step 2b: Embedding Your Code on a Blackboard Page


-       Visit Blackboard at http://my.oregonstate.edu/

-       Login with your ONID username and password

-       Select the course into which you wish to embed your MediaSpace content

-       Create or edit an item in your Course Documents section

-       If the text editor doesn’t already show all three rows of buttons, press the downward pointing arrows at the right to expand the menu

-       Select the HTML button from the editor bar and a pop-up window will appear

-       Paste the previously copied MediaSpace embed code into the pop-up window

-       Click Update to close the pop-up window

-       Click Submit